Choosing Sharing Over Shitty

I don’t have an overwhelming number of shitty days but today would be one. Ok, honestly so would the last 6: but work days only. Because in between all of the layers of shittiness, I choose to beef up my  Dagwood sandwich with good things and good people.  Blessedly.

Briefly, I (and my staff)  have been criticized for unresponsiveness: we record everything with time and date stamps-not sustained. In another case, someone complained for 15 minutes about an issue that had been resolved a week earlier (she didn’t have time to call before).  Someone who sustained that sexual assault wasn’t always forcible (it wasn’t Donald Trump) and, most furiously, someone who questioned my integrity. I have strived to do the right thing, many times to my own detriment.  Am I 100%? But I’d say 98% – pretty close.  And I will own up to it if I’m wrong. My friends know I will fight for what’s right, even if it’s unpopular.

So that was last Friday,  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In survival mode, I choose to review and share the amazing layers in between because I can, and I have to, for me.

Friday, a bike ride, an evening with friends, a really cute baby “I stole”. Singing harmony with a street performer because we can. And paying it forward.

Saturday, sleep, community fundraiser, soccer, field hockey, shopping for a great dress (on sale), wine tasting, karaoke (my friends are f’ing awesome), dancing, more friends.

Sunday, work (gotta get shit done) then off to Vermont to have dinner with one of the many teachers who shaped my love for learning and teaching  and he’s funny and he has a great spouse. I could not possibly encapsulate all my teachers have shown me.

Drive home: Patriots Win!!!!

Monday, I come in to my office to see the people who mean the most to me along with my family and friends: those who respond when others call for help and still show up every-damn-day. They cannot be exceeded.  Pick up the phone, blah, blah, blah, problem already solved.

To Concord for stressful doc appt, email about more aggravating stuff. Really? Call friend who rescues me from myself.  I asked for help and someone answered. Still sometimes feels like foreign territory to me: I worry about rejection based on so many old messages.

And everyday, I come home to a 4-legged, “I love you no matter what” amazing  shitzu-poodle, named Dobbie. Friends and dogs are God’s gift to helping us maintain our sanity and sometimes just helping us maintain.

I have so much more good in my life than not good,  and I have a being that appreciates me and that immediately recognizes my need for love and comfort.

Asking for help, loving your friends. Scary/great. I have so much more than I realize sometimes and that’s what I choose. 💕❤️ .